This style has a smooth, soft look and a luxurious feel. Each yarn has a uniform twist and finish. A plush carpet is smooth, clean and soft


For an active area, a frieze carpet may be the way to go. This is a cut pile style that has a very high twist level. Each strand of yarn is twisted so tightly they curl over at the end.


Berber carpet is designed with resilience in mind for high traffic areas and for homes with families on the go. Its tight loop construction does a superb job at hiding footprints and vacuum marks


Nothing compares to the natural aesthetics and resilience of wool. Many consider wool as superior to synthetic fibers due to its natural, soft and long lasting good looks.


Indoor/ Outdoor carpets are designed and constructed to tolerate fading and to withstand the elements more so than typical indoor carpet.


Broadloom generally refers to tufted carpet sold on rolls that are usually 12' or 15' wide. This type of carpet is most often installed as a wall-to-wall floor covering.